What are the best London parks for a picnic?

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London kills it at the park game—parks on parks sprinkled throughout the city. And these parks are perfect for a slow afternoon picnic, a chance to escape the bustle of city life for a sojourn in wide green spaces. So make a stop at Borough Market for some bread, cheeses, and wine, and then pick one of your favorite London parks for a delightfully relaxed afternoon picnic.


Green Park sits adjacent to Buckingham Palace and St. James’s Park. Easily accessible with its own Tube stop, Green Park offers a wide lawn dotted by yellow daffodils in the spring. Enjoy your fresh-baked bread and artisan cheeses while people-watching tourists cutting through the park to reach The Mall, the tree-lined road that connects Buckingham Palace with Trafalgar Square at either end. This is one of the best London parks for those who want to feel like they are still in the bustle of city life.


Hyde Park is perhaps one of the most well-known London parks and one of the easiest to reach with multiple Tube stops found at the park’s perimeters. The 350-acre park often hosts local events and concerts and is the site of the annual music festival, British Summer Time. Couple your picnic with paddle-boating in the Serpentine, admiring the gardens of Kensington Palace, snapping photos of the ornate Royal Albert Hall, or checking out the popular museums that sit on the park’s southeast corner, like the Natural History Museum. This park is perfect for those who want to enjoy wide green spaces while also being in close proximity to other popular London sites.


Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill are on the northern edge of central London. Close to the Baker Street Tube Station, this park features ponds alive with swans and ducks, paths lined with bright blooms in the springtime, cafes for a quick lunch or coffee, and the London Zoo. On the north end of the park across Prince Albert Road is Primrose Hill. From here, you can enjoy a view of the city of London from one of benches sitting atop the hill while watching locals stroll through the park with their dogs. This park is perfect for those who want to go where the locals go.


Hampstead Heath covers more than 720 acres in London’s beautiful Hampstead neighborhood. Though still very much in the city of London, this park feels far removed from it: rolling hills, wide ponds, wooded areas populated with singing birds. In the park, you’ll find Parliament Hill; at more than 320 feet high, this site offers sweeping views of the London skyline. Access to the park is easiest by taking the bus or Overground train as the nearest Underground station is several blocks away. This park is perfect for those who want to feel like they are picnicking in the countryside without even leaving the city.

Pack your basket and venture to one of these best London parks to enjoy an afternoon picnic!

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